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Friday, November 15, 2019


As a kid the best part of decorating the Christmas tree wasn't the bright lights or the shiny bubbles or the presents under or even the chocolate treats my mum used to tie on the tree limbs.

 But the Christmas Angel on the top. 

Last week I happened on a listing on eBay for the same Christmas Angel we had all those years ago.

Imagine my delight to see her ,I'm sorry to say she'd been brought but it give me the idea to make an Angel for my tree this year.

And if you like to try for yourself she is very easy to do she'd make a great project to do with your children or grandkids. 

Supplies used 

The artist model blank from Sandra Evertson Relics and Artifacts. 
A  large paper mache cone 
I used Apoxie sculpt but you could also use paper clay. 
White gesso and paints in skin tone, blue , green and turquoise, white and black.
Alcohol inks in mineral and smoke
Paper glue
Tulle,white, blue , green and mint
Tiny beads
Snowflake buttons and plastic icicles and christmas picks, small tree from Michaels  
Also a glittery butterfly ornament for her wings from walmart 
Start by adding clay to head and bringing it down around the face but not over the ears. I added the plastic icicles and used a paintbrush end to add texture and also added some snowflake buttons. 

I also add some clay over breast and torso and also textured that with the buttons

I also add some more clay around the end to make it a little stronger before fixing it to the paper cone

Apoxie sculpt drys rock hard overnight but if you decide to use paperclay you will need to wait a few days for it to dry. I painted the face at this point.  
and painted the upper and lower part of her dress and the cone. 
I started with a base of white gesso and then several coats of blue , green , lastly I used alcohol inks 
 and lots of glitter  and beads. Her dress was made with six layers of white tulle then different shades of blue and green and mint. Lastly some sparkle with leaves and more snowflakes

I made the arms last and added them to her shoulders and added some more tulle to hide the glue .. and she's nearly done just add her wings and a small christmas tree for her to hold... well she is the Christmas Tree Angel after all 

 And who's to say when and if my kids ever have kids of their own they won't also think that the best part of decorating the Christmas tree is putting my angel on the top.  

I hope you'll try making an christmas tree angel for your tree. 

 Hugs Wendy 


ann barnes said...

Oh she is so very special! I also grew up with an angel atop our tree, I loved the angel so much, she was a beacon for the celebration. When it was time for my first tree on my own, I was, alas, on a budget and with large gingerbread cookies decorated with silver dragees for ornaments, I had a grapevine star which I lightly sprayed with silver leaf paint for a topper...needless to say, that star is what graces my family’s tree now. I would love to make one of these to pass on to my children to start their own traditions when it is right! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me!

BLiSsAngELs said...

Thank u for your lovely comment Ann it was such a special treat to see my childhood angel on eBay .. I’m sure she probably was brought from Woolworths all those years ago. I need to ask my mum if she still has her.

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