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Friday, October 11, 2013

HAuntED doLL

 Dolls have always been a bit  scary , is it the way their eyes seem to follow us around the room , or that sometimes they can  seem move on their own. 

They can be a really easy way to add some creepiness to your halloween decorations. 

I would like to introduce to you my doll .... well head ... the rest of her is crawling around the house  sure to jump out one stormy night. 

I have to keep it locked up in the display case  but if you think it looks creepy now wait until night falls....

The glass display box is from Michaels craft store , the doll is a one clay. I think they hold the paint better than plastic.  I used alcohol inks to age the glass in the box and on the doll head . The evil eye image is from tumble fish studios 

Thank you to Kim for hosting 


Ivy said...

Love her Wendy, so creepy...and the box is totally cool!!

Jane K said...

Oooh that's creepy, glad she's kept in a box, has it got a good lock on it? :)

J x

Ms Misantropia said...

Creepy head and wonderful display case!

loudowning54 said...

I loved this, even though it will give me the creeps when I look at any doll now. Well done!!

Holly said...

I love that the box lights up, having the head in a box gives it an extra creep factor. Gives me some decorating ideas, thanks.

Dianie said...


I LOVE This Doll!!!

She is so creepy spooky..
and did I mention down right Awesome!

How creative and I love the night effect too.



Laura S Reading said...

Those are quite the eyes!
And the night effect is even creepier.

Did I see something just scurry under your couch?

Little Gothic Horrors said...

Wow! Brilliantly creepy! I'm imagining her headless body scuttling about your house now! ;)

Magaly Guerrero said...

It is the eyes, indeed. The ones with kind of vacant glass eyes are the worse (or the best if you are me). Spooky, spooky doll head ;-/

Mary Ann Tate said...

Eeeeek...scary and creepy and wonderful all together :)

Marfi-topia said...

Wow Wendy
The rest is crawling around the house!?!?
Great job on this!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy, very creepy indeed! Great job. The idea that her body is crawling around the house somewhere gave me chills. lol Eeeeeewwwww! Hugs, Mina

SHAWN said...

You are so right. Dolls are creepy to me on there own but you took your doll head to another level of creepy. FANTASTIC! The head actually reminds me of William Shakespear in an odd way. Great display case too. Love everything about it. Spooky song and dolls video Rocked.

AngelicaS said...

Love it!!!!

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