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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

stay calm

I'm trying really hard to find my happy place....as I think about renewing my driving licence. 

But first some background to my story.... one of the down sides of become a newly fledged American is that you now have stuff that you have to change ...

 One A trip to the social security to alter my status , Apply for a US passport, Register to vote and as it turned out because I only had six months left on my green card when I renewed my driving licence in October  ... I have to renew my driving licence too!  

They renewed it for only six month  YES you see where I'm going .....my driving licence expires at the end of July  and because you can't do get a passport or change your SSC or register to vote without a valid driving licence...   but I can't get a licence with a full five years without the updated SSC 

Rush  rush ! Can you see where it's going?

 Round and round the merry go round  Where to start first?????  

 Now I got my SSC card changed today. A twenty five minute wait ....  but wait that's good... it was n't the getting my SSC that has me mad as a hornet   NO it's my driving Licence. 

 Why you ask ????  because   
Georgia's powers that be, have decide that they are only letting people who had ready proved their citizenship to renew online....Okay I get it  I'm new they want to see my paperwork in person........ but wait. 

This doesn't just mean people like me who have just become new citizens    No this mean everyone,  even people who were born here live here in the USA all their life's ......... everyone who wants to renew or get an licence to drive on Georgia's  roads is going to have to GO down to the office and wait in line and hand over their birth certificate to prove they were actually born here    (rising hands in disbelieve)

As you can imagine the lines are around the buildings.... the news stations are full of the mess and yes I have to bear the heat and go do this ......  Am I happy  Hell no!

What were they thinking, Oops sorry! that would imply that the Georgia state government had a brain because surely they don't ..... HOW could they? 

When they take a system,  that is barely working as it was and then double it ten fold....... and yes one of my rights as a new citizen is YES I can voice my views 

so this is my rant...... sorry!  the old happy Wendy will be back soon...   


Jane said...

I was going to say that now you can really complain about everything here, but as I read down I saw that you beat me to it! Sorry you have to do all this in the summer heat!
Good Luck - and, again, Welcome to the USA!!!

Janet Ghio said...

In my opinion, I would guess that the state of Georgia is doing this, not because of people wanting a driver's license to drive, but those who want one to use one as a form of identification, so that they can vote in the fall election. There are a lot of shenanigans going on around the country in an effort to keep people from voting. Okay off my soapbox now--good luck Wendy!! Do you have to take the driving part over or just the written part? Having to take the driving part over would be scary!!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

welcome to red tape...wish they could just wrap themselves up in and lay out in the heat for awhile...then they might change their stupid rules!
I just drove 8 hours to get my passport renewed which took all of 30 minutes!!
sorry...keep a stiff upper lip!
cool breezes and soft hugs, Karla

Peace said...

One of the prices of being an American stupid government bureaucracy! Wait until you see the way they intentionally take your picture to make you look like a convict! ;O) This too shall pass, right?

Sim said...

Aaaaaaargh Wendy!
So incredible, I'm speechless!
I wish you endurance & heart!
I'll be thinking of you, be sure!
Hugs! :)

marda said...

I was going to say what Janet said, I think it has to do with getting everyone everywhere an official ID so they can vote. Lots of games play in my opinion. Think of the elderly who no longer have a driver's license, and their ability to get out somewhere to get their offical ID in order to vote... like my m-i-l who's 91, and she may not realize it yet, but she may not get to vote this year!!!! Welcome to your new world!!

Laughing Through Life said...

Oh Wendy I am so sorry.

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