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Friday, July 27, 2012

A quick update on swap

I have lots of swaps to show you before I put up the mad tea party post ... No I didn't forgot .. I have it already to go....   so make sure you pop back

There's no order to this post I have swaps I've done and are out the door  or are just about to go and I have swaps I have received in the last few days

First the my mermaid faerie wand.  This is for a swap at blissfullART   it's going to Kim... I don't have to worry she already seen it......

This was fun to make.

Also in keeping with the mermaid theme I have ATC from the BlissfullATC swap ... these mermaids are from Laura Rue   

 Next I have swaps in from VPI  "Beware Pirates" .... I feel I should saying things like...Yo Ho , haul  together  and such... but instead I'll say thank you to Kris Dickingson , April Dudko and Laura Carson.

  And now for something completely different Steampunk..
"steam punk couples" also from the VPI group 

 These are from  Lynnn StevensMartina Fuchs and Ingrid Pomeroy   

Also from miss Martina  A steam punk domino book  
 ... isn't it fabulous  thank you Love it!  

Here's the one I sent to my partner April 

and even more....  A steampunked faerie house for Wendy 

Somehow steam punk and mermaids are in ... so maybe I should do a steam punked mermaid swap ... now there's a idea for you 

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up with all of the beauty I have been missing. Each post is full of enchantment, sweet Wendy. Hugs and kisses, Mina

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