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Friday, May 4, 2012


The weather today was too beautiful to stay in. The woods were calling to the children. Alice brought the blanket and the boys brought paper boats  to play in the stream.... Of course, Thomas had his brownie camera with him. Ever since grandfather had given it to him he had taken photos of everything and anything. Mother was getting quite cross that his chores were being neglected.

At the cornfield Alice had placed the blanket  down on the green grass and lay watching the clouds drift by.The boys rushed off to the stream and their shouts of joy could  be heard  from across the field.

Thomas had disappeared into the woods with his camera. No doubt taking photographs of every bug he could find, thought Alice....as she drifted to sleep in the warm sun.

It was hours later when they had cleared away to the supper dishes and Mother had settled in her arm chair by the fire that Thomas pulled out the photograph he had developed earlier.
"Do you see?" he asked excitedly. 

  images from hidden vintage studios... Almost Alice , April showers, I'm all ears, Red headed stepchildren,  and Sibling rivalry kits 

background and flowers Lori Davidson 

short story by Me 

click on the images to see the detail...... and enjoy! 


Marti McClure said...

Hi Wendy! Such a cute story and a lovely graphic. Have a great weekend. ~Marti

Anonymous said...

Such an enchanting story and image. I love the children and do agree that we should all be frolicking outdoors when the weather is lovely.

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