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Sunday, April 1, 2012


The mystery of the Easter Bunnie is always puzzled young children as they find brightly colored Easter eggs hidden in their gardens on Easter Sunday morning ... Who puts them there and Why?  
Today the mystery will be revealed.

Let me start start with showing you a framed photo I found in a local flea market. The photo is of Man and his family... it is old and very wore in places.. but I think is explains.

With a little digging I found out that MR. East. R Bunnie was a rich egg farmer in the 1800's.  He was very successful businessman  not only was he owner three large chicken egg farms but also he was the inventor of the first ink dyeing machine....an invention that the local business communality laugh at for having no use. 

Now it also was rumored that he was also responsible for an local prank of leaving chicken eggs under flower beds at Easter but I found the rumor as no foundation and why the local children called Mr.Bunnie the Easter Bunnie is still a mystery.    

The images are from the kit "I'm all ears" 



Electra said...

Wonderful image and wonderful story to accompany it, Wendy!

Sandy said...

Wow how wonderful Wendy.
Your work is a dream. I love them. xoxo

Ivy said...

Love love love this Wendy....the true behind the scenes story, who knew? lol xoxo

Sim said...

I adore this one! :)

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