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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

just in time TUTORIAL... Easter eggs

As promised I have more Easter eggs to show you... and you still have time to make a few for yourself

You'll need plastic eggs ... dig through your Easter boxes I sure you'll have some ... you need the ones that open like this....

 Hold together with masking tape and then tape the front of the egg ... this is the trick to cutting the eggs and they not crack..... draw a rough circle... don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect.... it just  a guide... I used my knife to make a starting hole you could drill ... now get strong scissors... I used the kitchen scissor I have ... you know the ones I'm talking about the ones then can cut through bones etc ... cut the hole I also cut the few nicks so it looks as if a chick pushed its way out .

Now I spray painted my eggs gold... then used acrylic paint to paint the outside of the eggs... while to paint is still wet spray with some walnut ink... now you have brown specked eggs but you could also do any color.The first ones I made I painted them pale blue with brown speckles,let dry.
 Okay now the inside.. glue old music, book pages even pretty paper inside... wait to dry

Now the fun part.  Add images, moss, paper flowers...silk flower picks, tulle you name it. This is the time to go for it

 lastly I glue some seam binding ribbon to hang my eggs add more paper flower, birds etc. Have fun . Hugs Wendy


Sandy said...

Thanks so much sweet Wendy for your great tutorial. Love your eggs. xoxo

DeeDee said...

I love these.thanks so much for the directions... looks easy enough I can do it ... thanks wendy

Ivy said...

Wonderful tutorial Wendy...I always wondered how to make these and now i know. So beautiful! xo

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for this wonderfully cute idea!! I'm just starting to do collage art, in fact I'm still adding to/collecting paper ephemera! Have a great Easter weekend! PS, I was wanting advice on my ephemera collection. Would it be best to copy what I get and make a copy when wanting to use something or is this just vary from person to person? Mine so far isn't digitally bought to download and use, it's the real stuff some of which is vintage cutouts from the 1800's early 1900 hundreds and the rest is stuff from then on up to the 70's. Thanks!

karen hess jewelry said...

Fantastic eggs, Wendy! What a great tutorial...thanks so much for sharing! I'm inspired!!

trisha too said...

These are charming, Wendy--what a timely tutorial!

Happy Easter to you,

BLiSsAngELs said...

L.M TEA ...this is one of the hardest questions to answer ... if find a really old piece of ephemera! I save it to use in a special project and i some time scan then the copy .. but you can lift a project just with the used of an old piece of ephemera real is sometime best.... I hope that helps Hugs wendy

Lesley said...

So cute but afraid I won't be heading to town for eggs for this one, maybe next year, if I remember. How sweet are these eggs. TFS the tutorial Wendy.
Blessings at Easter.

Linda said...

The eggs are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Angelica said...

Great tutorial, and a beautiful egg!!
Thank You!!

Michelle said...

Actually that did help! Thanks so much for your input. Also thanks for all your posts and sharing, I love your work you do. You've been an ispiration and have given many great ideas!!!

trisha too said...

I just posted an egg--thank you for the tutorial, Wendy!


LuLu Kellogg said...

These are so sweet Wendy! I am going to have to make one and put a skeleton head in mine!!

Happy Easter my darling friend!


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