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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm running out of time ....

Shock, horror .... no  I have not just seen the gas bill or the muddy paws prints on the floor  BUT Micheal's has started to move the Halloween stuff out and bring in Christmas .. but wait isn't it still October? surely it too early.. what if you still need purple and black garlands or Skelly's or pumpkins.... I better post my Halloween witch hat before Halloween is over.


Ann said...

halloween seemed to get here quickly...I'm not ready..oh no!!!!!!!!

pippinsnest said...

I love micheal's I went there when I came to visit you in america its hand down 100 times better an the all craft/art shops in leicester.If I lived near one I Would probably be in there everyday!! x

BLISS angels said...

yes Julie you have summed up my problem... I would go work there... I'd see all the new items coming in but I'd end up Paying Micheals for working here as I would spend all my wages

fairyrocks said...

I too am feeling like I didn't get Halloween in like I wanted to.
But, by this Saturday Michaels will be clearing out and there's always next year LOL
Keep smiling and creating

like the air said...

I love the witch hat so much! I embellished some this year for a trip to Salem we took. Yours is fabulous! I'm now following by the way! Love your blog! :)

Lesley said...

Hi Wendy, golly I have seen Christmas stuff in the dollar and Michaels here for a couple of weeks. I am sure by next week all the Christmas stuff will be out in full swing. Can't wait actually so I can grab up a few things to use before my sales start. I am so not into Halloween too much and even less so if hubs has to work that evening.
Take care and love the witchy hat.

Mina said...

Oh my goodness! This is a hat to be coveted by all witches! So beautiful, Wendy. Thank you for sharing.

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