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Thursday, July 21, 2011

To post or not to post

That is the question, I had problems posting last night so much so I ended up walking away from the computer before I really lost my temper... I did think a few naughty words to myself... so do I try again today... so far no error message but will it let me post this .. we will see.

I've been thinking alot about my boys, they have grown up over night it seems.. The little boys who wouldn't leave my sight are now grown.. My oldest is a young man ready to step in the world. Have I as a parent taught him all he needs to know to go in to the big wide world?.. I hope so.

But also my kids have taught me so much.... That sleep is not that important.... That worms are very cute and boys pockets are for stones , bugs and candy... That everything can be washed.....That sometimes chocolate cake for breakfast is okay.....That it's good to take a day off and have fun.... That the sound of children's laughter is the best noise in the world......  That the world is a stunning place if you only lie in the grass and watch the clouds pass by... and that kids hugs are the best gift you can ever receive.


Wicked Faerie Queen said...

I know what you mean about the posting Wendy, I am having a lot of problems. I don't know if the heat affects computers but it is very stressful.

As for your sons, my son is 30 and just had his first child, a beautiful little girl. It amazes me that at the oddest times things I have taught him since he was small come out. All of the lessons and love do take, it may not seem that way sometimes as they grow up but I guess they truly are sponges. And all of the little things we do for them mean alot. When my son was 9 our dog died and we immediately got another puppy from a friend but did not tell our son. The puppy came at 6 a.m. when our friend was on his way to work and we woke our son up. That day I let him stay home from school to play with his new pup and he still talks about what a great mom he has because of that.

They are always our little boys even when they have little ones. Keep cool and I hope the posting goes better.

Love your blog

Marfi-topia said...

what a great post Wendy!it's almost frightening how quickly it goes by.

glad you were able to post this.
good luck.

Magic Love Crow said...

Beautiful post Wendy! I am glad you were able to do it ;o) I don't have children, but I understand what you are saying ;o)

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Such a beautiful post Wendy...I am so happy for your wonderful view of what you have learned about motherhood. Blessings to your family always...

Petunia said...

Yes, I think there's a Blogger conspiracy somewhere, lol. Glad you were able to post too.

Oh these little boys just grow up so fast don't they? It seems just yesterday I made Sebastian's first Harry Potter wand...that was 10 years ago. I think having the series come to an end the same time he started high school makes me all the more aware that it's going much too fast. All we can do is enjoy them everyday and hang on to all those magiacal memories.


fairyrocks said...

Beautiful post Wendy. So very true and heartfelt.
I am sure you are a terrific mother, and your boys have grown into fine young men.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, this is so beautifully written my heart is melting over your words. Our children are the most precious thing we could ever know. Their adult years will still bring you great joy, it will just be in different ways.

Anonymous said...

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