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Thursday, March 10, 2011


My day as been filled with strange happenings... first this morning just as I turned my hairdryer on, it made a loud bang making me jump out of my skin and died in a cloud of smoke...

Second as I dropped my teenage son off at school something fell on the top of the car roof making me jump again and then lastly as I drove home. A dog ran out in to the road.  I had to stop suddenly so I would'nt hit him...

A morning of shocks and frights...

I went to yoga and when I arrived back home calm and peaceful... and I must have changed my karma because I had three!  Yes I said three joyful events that made my day...
 First some ATC from my dear friend, Yoga buddy and ATC addict Cindy.

The Bliss one is my favorite. Why? because Bliss is the name of my novel and she put and teacup because I'm a tea addict and also it has a pink rose her name is Cindy Rose isn't that the best name ever...and we are kindred spirits like Ann and Diana in Ann of Green Gables.

Then when I got home two pieces of mail... one a gift from Judy in Australia as part of the OWOH event. I won her giveaway... wait until see you her work . It is marvellous.

Judy sent three fabric postcards and an angel card... I hope you can see the detail...and please pop over to see her artwork. http://judysfabrications.blogspot.com/

and next the spring tag swap hosted by dear JoAnne.. I'm only showing a little because I want to showcase every tag... so come tomorrow when I will show all the tags ...

Life is strange one minute you can feel the whole world is out to get you and then next it feels the whole world is being   nice to you... I hope the world is being nice to you.


fairyrocks said...

Wendy the post cards are wonderful
each is like a tiny story. I can't wait to see the Tags in detail.

Mina said...

I knew yoga was good for a person! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous ACT's. Such wonderful artists.

Amy P said...

Good mail days can definitely change your day :) I saw my tag peaking out of your tag book :D
I didn't know you were into yoga! I am as well, I teach 5 classes a week.

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