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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Super bowl ....The Crafting bowl

A while ago I went to the antiques store and found a old sliver plated spoon and  a pair of salt and pepper pots...

it's Super bowl weekend (Remember when I told you  I live with three men)  well the TV  has been taken over .... no chance of watching a movie or a craft program.. no is it the super bowl... 

What's a girl to do? moan? cry? or maybe Craft!

 A great time to work on the spoon and salt and pepper pots I brought all those weeks ago.  

I added a frozen Vicky to the lid and after wrapping neck with lace, tulle and adding a paper flower and a tiny shell to the center.... My faerie bottle is done..

 Now to the spoon.... it is very pretty with a lovely patina . I just added fabric , and another paper flower with a frozen Vicky head ,some paper leaves and it too is done.... so maybe the super bowl isn't so bad after all.....


Terri said...

It is very pretty what you have done with the salt shaker and the spoon! I will never look at salt and pepper shakers the same again!
Good job taking Super Bowl Sunday and turning it into a creativity opportunity! : )

Something Special said...

I have sure had fun visiting your blog. We like a lot of the same things. I am happy that we are partners, and can't wait to see the fabric sampler I get from you. I almost have yours done and will email you when I get it done.

Wendy said...

Hello dearest Wendy,
I love what you did. You have inspired me for the evening. I am going to head off to make something. Of course it is 11:00pm but I have been working on sons project for school all day, so now is craft time for me.
Thanks for the inspiration, and I love the spoon. I want to make some and hang them around the room. Maybe I will catch a fairy and sit one in the spoon. :-)

Wishes and Whimsy.
Wendy from Wonderland

Unknown said...

Wendy you always bring a smile to my inbox:) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header FABUULOUS!!!! You are always so creative I really need to check in more often for the inspiration you share!

Anonymous said...

How lovely.

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