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Friday, November 12, 2010


Arrived today. To say I opened the parcel is a bit of a understatement. Words like ripped , torn  would be a better description of my actions but I was so excited to see all the 25 matchboxes... It felt like ages since I sent my off to Linda. Remember this is what they looked like...

 I had forgotten myself...

And there are the 25 matchboxes wrapped waiting for me to open.

and this is how I  am displaying them.

I sprayed an old frame gold , using foam core covered in burlap  I pinned the boxes to the frame that way I can open them  but still enjoy them later... I have to admit I was temped to open the beautiful little boxes to see what inside ... but I didn't... I normally get a Advent calendar for my boys but this year I have a countdown calendar for myself and I'm really excited.

I want to thank Linda for putting this wonderful swap together and for the little bag of goodies she included..


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

ohh Wendy what a great display idea!
and you got your boxes.... maybe I will get mine on Monday.

pchickki said...

You are my swap partner this month.
Send me your address please.

Thanks much :)

Peace said...

How exciting!! Very nice way to display them. I hope one of your boxes is in MY bag, they're wonderful! :O)


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