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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things that go... BUMP.... in the night!

It is dark and lonely night with only an eerily glow from the moon.There is A loud crack of lighting.  A figure clad in a pitch black cloak walks slowly towards the road, its body twisted and bend.
I watch terrified as it pulls out three letters  and places them in to the mailbox.....Then suddenly it turns and looks at me, its lips pulled back in a sneer. Its red eyes staring at my throat, I see its blood stained fangs.......Its starts to move towards me.... I back away....A howl pierce the night air.Then suddenly it has gone and I am alone. 

I am fearful with the knowledge that the letters  carry  three scary ATC's to Sandi and Inka and my sister Julie...should I try to warn them....

I hope they don't get to scared by the Owl piercing eyes that follow you around the room or fall prey to the beautiful but deadly Gothic faerie or fall under the spell of the sexy witch..... beware of bumps in the night and frighting ATC's in the mail box.........




What spooky fun it was opening up that eerie envelope as these three little ATC's slithered out onto my desktop. Should I touch them or would there spooky spell cause me to go into a fit of creating scary Halloween art????? I hesitated and then yes I had to see the backs as I turned over the first one ...the sexy witch ...I have a spider phobia you know...and eeekkkk another spider on the back glaring at me with it's piercing red jewel eyes...yes it was from Wendy... just looking at such inspiring spooky fun I suddenly felt a burning inspiration deep inside a fever you might say ... to create oh so spooky art!!!... the spell was complete, my destiny set!

Bobbi said...

Spooky, scary and fun! Love those ATC'S!

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