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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gothic Arch Challenge..... Crown

The theme this week on the Gothic Arch challenge is crown. Being English I couldn't think of anyone who has been wearing crowns all her life but Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
This is a early photo of her taken at her Coronation. I would have liked to post photos of the real crown but you can not take photos when you go to the Tower of London.  

So instead I will post some photos of the Tower.

And of the ravens who live at the tower, who get fed blood soaked biscuits... "Gross" as my kids would say. But they look very
hallo - weeny.


Effie said...

Great idea .. and a great arch!

Toni said...

Wendy, love your tribute to the queen... very regal. Ok... I am gullible, do the ravens really get blood soaked bisquits... I'm in agreement with your kids "Gross"...great arch !!!

BLISS angels said...

And to your question yes we were told at the tower by one of the beefeaters that they do feed them bloodsoaked biscults... they are huge... and well care for because the story is that if the ravens leave the Tower then England will fall.... Byron my youngest brought a stuff toy Raven... two guesses to what he called IT.... yes you guessed it "BLOODBISCULT"

Home and Heart said...

In England I though "biscuit" was "cookie"? So are they blood soaked cookies? Even grosser!!! (Lovely arch though!!)

Martina2801 said...

Brilliant arch! I love your take on the theme


I got the page to load! and I love your arch!!! She certainly wears that crown well! Can you imagine really being able to wear real jewels like that! ... now see ... that is why I need to make it to London someday ... If you want to see some things you just have to go see them :))

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