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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby boots or Faerie boots ????

Do you remember last week when I showed you the baby boots I found at an antiques market??? well they have changed. I've been playing. 

I think they need a story because they are.... now faerie boots...... so let's begin... ARE you sitting comfortable?

Then once upon a time in a cold dark forest two fairy sisters were walking home.... when suddenly they came  upon a pair of white baby boots laying on the damp earth.  The oldest sister who's name was Plum, looked down at the boots and said "We should take those boots home , they could be very useful."
But the youngest sister who was also the baby of the family. Looked at the boots with a worried expression and said " but what will the human baby do now they have lost their boots? their feet will get very cold." 
Plum thought for a minute and then said " Let's ask the wise old Owl, he will know what we should do." 
The two faeries went to the old oak tree and knocked on the Owl's door. "Hoo there?" asked the Owl's voice.
"It's me Plum and my sister Apple, we need your advice," said Plum.
The two faeries explainted to Owl about the boots they had found and how their didn't know what to do, take them home or leave them hoping that the human baby would find them...

(Forest fairy named MOSS.)

Owl just hooted with laughter when they had finished their story. Then he said "you can take them home because the baby who owned those shoes is long since grown and left them for you to use..


Boot faeries Plum and her sister Apple.

So when you have finished with your boots please take them to the forest for the faeries.


Lynn Stevens said...

how cute and such a story you tell.
Glad the owl knew just what to do. I have a few pairs that need altering, Thanks for the inspiration!

MosaicMagpie said...

These are fabulous. Great story to go along with these little boots.

Kim said...

Love your fairy boots! xoxo

The Littlest Thistle said...

Oh what fun, great story, and great job on the boots


wow... I am in love with that stamp! and I don't even really like owls :)) maybe it is just the way you have used it ... it truly is magnifique!
Inka :)

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