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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

White rabbit

I'm late , I'm late for a very important date , no time to say hello, good bye. I am late , I am late. Do you get those mornings , days???? Today is mine I think I was even rushing in my dreams. I have no one to moan at but myself. I have been playing all Summer holiday instead of getting jobs done and now with only four weeks left until the boys go back to school. I see the mountain of things I need to do... The only sliver lining is that I have time to get it done but only if I start now...... The Atc swap is soon and To my first time ATC makers who are worried , please don't if you make it it will be beautiful. This isn't a contest or a exam to see who can make the best, it is about sharing your heart, what makes you great. I looking forwards to seeing your creations. Debbie is going to post later on the numbers and remind you about addresses. I'm running today so that's why I'm posting so early, it's seven here and I promise you that is early for me... Have a great crafting day.

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Terry said...

I have never made an ATC!!!! I know what you mean about having time and then at the last minute your are rushing around! Have a great day!

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