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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"There a party!!!" shouted the faeries "A midsummer night secret dream party"

The faeries are getting ready.... they have started  sowing new dresses ready for the party.
"What party ?" asked fairy Cotton.
"Why the midsummer night secret dream party" whispered  fairy Bloom as she picked flower petals for her dress." Did you see the fairy post this morning"
"No " replied Cotton. her face sad to think she might miss a party,but then Bloom said.
" Oh Kelly at A stuffed life is hosting a blog party  for everyone to create that special piece and share their creative journey. What could be a better time than a magical midsummer night to share your secret dream!
  Bloom danced around, her wings shining in the sunlight, her blond curls bouncing around her face.
" But I don't have anything to wear " moaned Cotton, looking down at her dress.
"Don't worry we have time to make you a beautiful party dress" promised Bloom.
 The two faeries then flew away, unaware that I had been listening to their conversation.... I  wanted to go to the party........the story will continue on the July 17th.

So join me and all the faeries who will be going to the party. Check out Kelly's blog and tell her you want to go too.... http://midsummernightssecretdream.blogspot.com/


In the Light of the Moon said...

I just found this Part and it looks wonderful!!Looking forward to seeing all the creative work.Warmest Regards,Cat

Kelly said...

Thank you for posting about the party, I am so happy you will be joining us!

Hugs, Kelly

Lynn Stevens said...

sounds like fun might just have to join in!

Mimi said...

I am sure it is going to be a very fun party!!!
My grand daughter had a FAIRY FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY a year ago!!!
It was so fun, seeing everyone dress as a fairy princess and sprinkle fairy dust everywhere!!!!
Happy party to come, I will fly over and take a peep.

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