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Friday, July 9, 2010

A lovely surprise

There was a lovely surprise waiting in the mail box this morning.....

and I rushed in and put on the kettle and then ran upstairs to find the camera so I could take a photo... first for look at the handwriting ... that's why I love receiving real mail  and not emails, people's handwriting ... it's a dieing art form.... sorry I got on my soap box...... back to the letter . It is from Debbie at Mosaic Magpie and I'm hoping it is the Artist trading card that we are swapping.

And it is, with a note from Debbie.

 the cross is a grave stone rubbing. I'm honored to have her first ATC. Thank you Debbie... and if anyone is interested we are thinking about having more ATC swaps if you would like to take part ..let me know.

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mya said...

Came over from Mosaic Magpie - so glad I did. I have had a lot of fun looking around your blog.
I guess that you will get a lot of responses to your swapping idea.
Friends tell me that I am creative, but until I can figure out at what I am creative I should sit on the observer's side. Because I march to that proverbial different drum beat, I think that my friends have found a polite way of saying that I am different.
But sincerely, I do appreciate and admire the works of others, and I will be watching and waiting to see what you all make.

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