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Saturday, July 17, 2010

It is here..... The midsummer night's secret dream party.

The day  has arrived ......the midsummer night's secret dream party and I am going to watch as the fairies partied until dawn until dusk. I hid by the roses and made little noise as the faeries began arriving with tables and chairs. They moved so quickly it was hard to believe that with in a few minutes my garden had changed into a wonderland.
They placed lanterns from every tree and suddenly mushrooms sprouted about. Then with out warning the fairy Queen appeared , she had on a long sliver grown and her wings shone gold. She cleared her throat and with a tingling voice, declare the party open that meet with a loud cheer. I watched as they danced and ran all a bout. The tables were laded with sweets and lots of treats, but I knew I couldn't eat............But surely one small bite of a cake,  I thought. I reached over when noone was about and ate the sweet cake in one tiny bite ....

I woke in the morning, the garden was bare there wasn't even a table or a chair..... only a book lay by my feet.... I looked around puzzled, unsure what to do.... had they left for me? I walked to the back door and went straight inside. I made a cup of warm tea and started to read.... 

Once upon a time
in a small village.... the story began.

  A young lady wrote a letter to a young man. The letter so touched his heart that he married her without delay.They lived happily in a small,wee house... until one morning a baby arrived . A small bady with ash blond hair and big blue eyes....They name him Owen John. The faeries were so enchanted with the beautiful baby that they give him three gifts.to have a caring heart, a wise mind and the gift to draw.He soon grew into a handsome young man.Not long after another baby arrived. He had striking red hair and dark blue eyes and a smiling face.They named their new son Byron Thomas.Again the faeries came and give the baby three gifts, to be a loyal friend,to have a happy heart and to always be kind.And they all lived happily ever after.....The End

I couldn't believe that the faeries had written my story down. I went to my writing desk and wrote small note to say "thank you". Then paced it under the rose bush and for a second I thought I saw something from the corner of my eye but when I looked closer it with only a butterfly.


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely story, Wendy! you're the first I've visited today, and I'm not surprised to see your contribution was mystical and magical.

That was a beautiful way to start the day..thanks so much for having me to your party..


fawndear said...

Love, Love, Love the sweet gift the faeries left. To have your enchanting story always is a true treasure.

Thank you so much for sharing your dream with us all.

The Littlest Thistle said...

Oh, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dream, and what a lovely scrapbook of your family

Anonymous said...

I so appreciated your words of encouragement on my writing post. It's always good to have support, especially from one who's been there. Thank you so much..and I will indeed keep my dream alive...


mermaiden said...

beautifully crafted book :]

Angelique said...

Hi Wendy,

You sure are a great storyteller and I had a big smile from ear to ear, reading your family-story !

Kind regards,

Lenora said...

Love your story - and your wonderful journal art! Come and be part of our Midsummer's Night Secret Dream
The Emerald Forest - Midsummer Dream

Princesa Nadie said...

I love your crafts and your history.Meeting you has been a pleasure
I do believe in faeries too

In the Light of the Moon said...

I wanted to cry with joy as I read your wonderful post..What a lovely story..and it amazing how those fairies figured it all out!Just wonderful!!Warmest Regards,Cat

Polly said...

Beautiful story! Thank you SO much for visiting my blogs and for the encouraging words! Your comment absolutely lifted my day and made my spirits soar!! It gave me the little push I needed to be able to do something I so admired but had been afraid to try! Now, if I can only figure out how to do ATC's!!!! I just love your site. Angels and fairies, this is sheer Heaven to me!!

apinkdreamer said...

wonderful story and images!!! thanks for sharing your dream!

Terry said...

Well that was certainly a delightful story! Really enjoyed it!

Kelly said...

What a wonderful story! The albumn is beautiful!

Thank you so much for taking part in the party!

I loved the post and I am glad you had a perfect day!

Hugs, Kelly

Deanna said...

What a beautiful little story. You have a lovely family.

Miz said...

Oh, that was such a cute story. I love, love handmade books! You have really inspired me--I feel a new project coming on!

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