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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's a BIG DAY

Morning..... It is a big day. Now I'm going to tell you a short, well hope I can keep it short, story of my Love for  the Twilight  saga and How it changed my life. Now I know what you are thinking! How can STORY change someones life????

Well here.... we go. Two years ago , well is it really two years? yes! Two years ago at a party for the teachers at Byron's school.
I overheard someone telling my friend about a book that had made her lose weight! I thought oh! some new diet book but NO she was talking about Twilight! She said that it was SO good that she didn't move until she had finished it, no snacks.........After my friend said that she too had read it and it was wonderful and that I HAD to read it... she said you won't be sorry.... okay so, two days later while shopping I picked up the book  (  I wish I had picked up all four books as it would have caused less heartache on my part but you live and learn)
The movie Twilight had already been out, so I thought I love read so I would give it a go........and I didn't stop until I had finish ... I was so in love with the tale of Bella, Edward and Jacob, that I too could NOT put the book down.......but when I had finished. How quickly could I drop Owen off of at school and get the next one ? When could I get to see the movie? I was now in a rush to read the next book New moon and see the movie. I could think of anything else......

Lucky it was still playing at the dollar movie. So I dropped the boys off at school and went to the first showing that day.....and came out still in love ... when were they making the next movies????

Now at the same time this was happening I met up with friends  and told my friend Jodi that she had to read this book.
 She said 'I don't like vamps and werewolf's', but I said " read ten pages if you can put it down after that I will never ask you again"........ Ten pages later she was hooked too. Now for the reason I said twilight changed my life ..... after reading all four books I went on the Stephenie Meyer's web page, and was blown away that she was a normal mum with two young kids, that she had never written before and she sounded like me...........Then it hit me I would try, I had always told stories to my kids, I had ideas all the time but had never sat down at the computer and tryed to write them down.......but that day I did.  The first short story was ... lets face it horrible, but then Saturday morning with Byron lying in bed talking about his computer game I had a idea. It just pop in and then I had the story from that day on every morning the story came pouring out , at times I thought I was writing something I had already seen or heard but no this was new.... I do still believe that my Nana is watching and helping , I felt someone watching as I wrote, maybe it was the angels because that's what my novel is about Angels... but not angels you may be used to but handsome ,sexy angels and a love story about about my three characters Silver, Adam and Ben.

So today the next movie Eclipse comes out.I have tickets for 11am and then again tonight . My boys think I'm crazy but hey we are all a little crazy..... it is what makes so great. So I need to go and get ready.

OH yes The darwing for the give away .... here we go..... Byron can you pick out a peice of paper , thanks

 Melly from His pink Princess. Sorry to everyone else but I will be having another giveaway soon..... Hugs ~Wendy.


Jodi said...

Can't wait to see the movie together this evening, Wendy!

I love this series of books, it's inspiration for you writing Bliss (which is awesome & everyone should read it!!) and for how much fun it as added to our friendship!

Heidi Meyer said...

Hi Wendy! This is your Bloggerette Sister Heidi from Ga. Just stopping by to introduce myself. I love Twilight too! Have a great day.

Lynn Stevens said...

Hi sister Wendy, so great to see you here! I think I must be the only one who hasnt read the books or seen the movie! and bravo to you for writing a book!
Hugs GF

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