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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hoo are you Tuesday

1. Do you have any siblings?

 My sister Angela, brother Lee and youngest and the one who looks like me and likes the same things Julie
I am the oldest.

2. Do you have any children?
Yes two wonderful, boys.
Which is odd because I thought I would have girls but HE only gives you what you can deal with. Owen is my oldest and he is talented artist. He drew the art work from my book cover. He is seventeen but he has an old soul.  Byron is my baby (although he would hate to read that ) he has a sweet nature. He too is an artist, He is eleven.

3. Are you a morning or night person?
I am a night person, I can stay up late but then I need to lie in so I go bed early so I can get up early... does that make sense... We are a mix in our house my husband and Byron and Willow the dog are morning people, while Me , Owen and the other dog Acorn are night.

4.Are you organized or spontaneous?
Both. I know what I am doing but I can be spontaneous when the mood takes me....

5. What is your typical 4th of July like? Laid back at home? Community celebrations? etc...?
We grill out with the neighbours, we have a street party. The younger kids play on bikes and with water guns( so do the men but I won't go into that ) then we watch the fireworks . I don't watch I go in to sit with my dogs as they hide, shaking under the bed. I am not a fan of fireworks.

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Barbara said...

1. Do you have any siblings? Several, I come from an extended family and there were 9 of us but 8 now.
2. Do you have any children?
Yes I have two boys of my own and 4 total. All boys. 42, 40, 39, 22.
3. Are you a morning or night person? It depends on how I feel. I'm disabled and if I'm not in pain when I get up then I'm generally a morning person.
4. Are you organized or spontaneous? I'm both also. Mostly organized but I can jump right in there when needed.
5. How do you spend the 4th of July? Going fishing and watching the fireworks in the park.

Hugs XX
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