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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A challenge for myself....

Are you like me? ....Hate having your photo taken. I thought it was only me who when family take a photo I ask to see it and if I don't think I look wonderful will ask them to retake, but the other evening while out my girl friends. A friend asked to see the photo after  I had taken..... Shock because she is beautiful and should have nothing to worry about but there she was being as insecure as me. I know all the tricks standing side ways, lifting your head so you don't have double chin and putting your arm on your waist...only yes change the exposure but still I hate it so I'm challenging myself to put photos of myself on my blog..... if you hav'nt all ready noticed the photo on my profile is me as a baby......... so get ready....... here we go.......  I also challenge you put your photo on your blog. Have a great day. ~Wendy~ oh can you see the likeness to my sister her blog is Pippinsnest.


Home and Heart said...

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!! I take AWFUL pics!!! I have had people react in shock when they see me in person, saying things like, "WOW" you don't look a THING like your picture, I mean that in a good way!!"

You look lovely here. Truly. I will work on a photo. Thank goodness for digital, or I'd go through a few dozen rolls of film!!

Lynn Stevens said...

I hate my photos too, but I do have a recent one on mine so that will have to do for now. Your's look fine. Don't know why you don't like them! You have such pretty blue eyes!

BLISS angels said...

What is that... I have a picture in my head what photos will look like and when they are taken.... they look nothing like that...but there is nothing I can do about it...and so in light of my new outlook My name is Wendy and I love my face it has lines around my mouth from all the laughter in my life. my eyes sparkle from the love I get from my family and friends and my face is worn but it is full of wisdom.

julie said...

Hey sis,Does this mean I am less insecure that you? I do have my photo on my blog- However what I haven't told people is it took me a hour to take the pictures of me and in the end, came out with two usable ones!...The way I see it is that the people that are happy with the way they are and look, have nothing to strive for...As its the trying to make things better that brings a person the most happiness.X
PS Wendy that is a lovely photo of you love julie

pixiegypsy said...

Hey Wendy, I can totally relate! I just took your challenge, with quite a bit of hesitation but I did it!!!!! There are so many times I have a great pic to post but then there's the part that I'm in it. So I usually scrap the shot. I think you may have just gotten me to get over it and just do it!

Electra said...

I think you look like a lovely pretty fairy! But I totally get what you're saying. lol

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