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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Is there such a thing as ageism’s in reverse? Because I think I have it. I don’t like being thought of being old. I’m in my forty’s and hate the whole idea. It didn’t help that today some guy on the checkout at Publix asked me if I needed the senior discount…!!!! I was shocked, angry then hurt and when I got home I cried.
But then when I started to write this to get the pain out of my system I realized that only the other day I had made the same mistake. I had seen a beautiful, white sport car parked and when the guy came to get into his car. I was disappointed. Why? Because I had thought had he would be young when in fact he was quite old! Okay maybe my age. But I had thought that he would be younger, he was driving a young man’s car.
And the reality was a shock. But I got it. He wanted to feel younger and the car did that for him. Youth is wasted on the young, we need to start old with all the knowledge we have gathered over the years but in young bodies. So to get me out of this mood about my life being over I am going to talk my husband in to that sports car we have always wanted, and enjoy in before we are too old. Forty is the new thirty so fifty must be the new forty. So I’m okay!!

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