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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Today I did something that made me laugh. It made me laugh because although I'm a grown woman I heard my Dad's voice saying that flowers look better in the garden than in a vase. That is his outlook. We had a beautiful garden when I grew up. He still does but he never picks the flowers to bring inside. I still don't understand that. As a child I always wanted to pick flower's to bring inside, but knew Dad would be cross about it.

So instead I would go across the fields I would bring back armfuls of buttercups, daisies and wild roses and take them to my bedroom to enjoy their prettiness, okay so they didn’t last long. A few days they would die but for the short time they brighten my room with their beauty.

So today I went in to my garden and picked a bouquet of flowers to enjoy. I know they would last longer outside but they are beautiful they brighten my day.

“I see my offering is not the first and not the most elegant I’m afraid I acquired my bouquet from a field.” Said Willoughby, when he noticed the bouquet of hot house flowers Colonel Brandon had given Marianna. To which Marianna replied “Oh I prefer wild flowers any day to hot house flowers.” From Jane Austin’s Sense & Sensibility.

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Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I love flowers. In my last yard, i planted a wild flower garden for the kids so they could pick the flowers and give them to me LOL.
We all loved it :)
I love your card!
You are very crafty! Thank you for your visit and following me :) Following you back.

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